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Phi Phi Islands Trip

2 days 1 night

Day 1

9:00 Meeting at Ao Po Grand Marina. Briefing on the yacht.

9:30 Departure to the sea.

13:30 Arrival on the island of Phi Phi Don. Anchorage. Dinner. Swimming in the sea. Snorkeling Landing on the monkeys beach.

16:00 Departure to the sea.

17:00 Arrival at the southern bay of Phi Phi Don. Anchorage in the lagoon. Landing on the shore. Sightseeing. Nightlife, fire show. Dinner. Overnight on the yacht.

Day 2

7:00 Rise. Breakfast. Departure to the sea.

8:00 Departure to the sea. Walk around the islands of Phi Phi. Beautiful bays and beaches. Snorkeling

12:00 Lunch.

13:00 Departure to Marina.

17:00 Return to Ao Po Grand Marina.


Yacht charter with or without crew. Phuket, Thailand.

ZEA Sailing Co. Ltd.   AO PO Marina, Phuket, Thailand.


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