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Dear Fisherman, here around Phuket you can catch many different fish: grouper, marlin, sailboat fish, jack, barracuda, sniper, amberjack, caranx, tuna, etc.

We know the place and time when you can fish well.

Fishing methods of your choice: trolling, bottom tackle, bait, live bait, jig.

We offer you individual fishing, for example:

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. 

Morning fishing. From 15000 THB.

Evening fishing. From 15000 THB.

Night fishing. From 20,000 THB.

Trophy hunt. Big game fishing. From 90,000 THB.

Create your request here on the website please,

We will answer all your questions and organize the best fishing for you.

Yacht charter with or without crew. Phuket, Thailand.

ZEA Sailing Co. Ltd.   AO PO Marina, Phuket, Thailand.


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