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Welcome aboard and enjoy your meal!

Canva - Raw Fish and Food Ingredients (1

Thailand, the island of Phuket is the World source of the freshest, wholesome and delicious foods.

We offer the best for our guests.

1. Standard lunch - 500 butts per person includes:

vegetable salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, with gravy, boiled rice, stewed chicken with onions, potatoes in coconut milk, pork with sweet and sour gravy with vegetables, fried pap Lap Thai or pork in oyster sauce with vegetables. At your request, the products can be replaced.

 Lunch is prepared early in the morning at the legendary Anchor Thai Restaurant, delivered to the yacht hot.

2. Our specialty is "Torpedo" 

According to a recipe of ancient Russian cuisine, “Fish with Vegetables and Nuts” is languished in cream in the oven one night before going to sea.

This dish can be eaten without stopping until the end.

“Option 1 - with deep-sea rare marine fish (with scales)” - 1000 THB for one person, at least 4 servings. “2nd option - with salmon” - 600 THB for one person, at least 4 servings. ”

3. The fish soup of a huge fish head "Volga cabbage soup." 

One bucket with dill, chopped onions and white bread for 8-10 people - 10,000 THB. 

4. You can order any menu of the peoples of the World.



Write now.

Here on the island is a bunch of wizard cooks, who cooks simply divine!

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